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In-Shop Repair Service

We specialize in all aspects "REPAIRS" Centrifuge Repairs, including bowl repair and rebalancing on solid wall, automatic desludging and nozzle bowls. Our decanter shop is equipped for scroll hard surfacing, Gearbox repair and testing, Scroll, bowl and Gearbox balancing. We also offer complete frame refurbishing as well as repair of damaged and worn parts.

Other Services Include Repairing:

Pumps, Gears And Gear Reduction Equipment, Homogenizers, Shafts, Chrome Plating and Grinding, Packaging Equipment.

Our Markets
The markets served by Surplus Unlimited Repair & Engineering include but are not limited to:

Food, And Packaging, Cosmitic, Baking, Rendering
Chemical and Petrochemical
Wastewater Treatment
Factory Oils and Aniamal Fats
Power Gererating
Pharmaceutical and Nutricutical
Food & Dairy
Bio Diesel

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